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If you find a crack or chip in your windshield, it will probably ruin your day. Auto glass damage can be dangerous, but a lot of us worry it will be too expensive to repair or a hassle to schedule a windshield replacement. The great news is that the specialists from Glassmetics can schedule an appointment for a problem-free auto glass installation at one of our five Tampa Bay locations. If you are not able to make it to us, we will send a certified auto glass technician to you for installation of a replacement windshield. If cost is a concern, it is important to remember that Florida comprehensive insurance will cover most windshield replacement, and there usually is no deductible!

If you are still worried about out of expenses, it helps to understand that Florida Statute 627.7288 requires insurers to replace a chipped or cracked windshield with no deductible being paid. Keep in mind this only applies to under comprehensive car insurance policies, and it will not apply if the damage is due to a collision.

If your rear windshield, or one of the side windows, gets smashed, we can install replacement auto glass. Our certified auto glass technicians will clean up all of the broken glass and replace the broken window with new OEM replacement auto glass.

Windshield replacement in Tampa is speedy and inexpensive!

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Head south on N Nebraska Ave toward 142nd Ave and stay on it for about 1 and one-quarter miles. Turn left on 124th Ave and stay on it for about one-quarter mile. Turn right on N 11th St and stay on it for about a tenth of a mile. N 11th St will turn into E 122nd Ave. Turn right onto N 12th St and stay on it for about one-third of a mile. Turn right onto E Fowler Ave, and you will find Glassmetics inside the Carsmetics location.

Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM
Saturday 9AM – 5PM – Calls and replacement windshield installation.