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A windshield chip or crack can prove frustrating. Most of us worry about the time and cost associated with the auto glass repair or windshield replacement process. The good news is the Glassmetics team offers speedy, high-quality auto glass installation. If you are unable to make an appointment to visit one of our shops, we can send a certified auto glass technician to your place for new windshield installation. In addition to auto glass installation, we will also help navigate the process of filing an insurance claim, because most comprehensive automobile insurance policies will cover the windshield repair or replacement in Florida!

If you are worried about your insurance going up, or a hefty deductible, it helps to understand that Florida Statute 627.7288 requires that insurers replace a damaged windshield with no deductible being paid. It is important to keep in mind that this only applies under comprehensive auto insurance policies, and it will not apply if the damage is caused by a collision.

If one of your side windows, or the rear windshield, gets cracked or smashed, we can install replacement glass too. Our certified technicians will clean up the broken glass and replace the cracked auto glass with a replacement auto glass.

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