Do I need to replace my windshield?

The front windshield on your vehicle can suffer a chip or a ding at any time, and it doesn’t take much additional stress for a minimal amount of damage to become a dangerous crack. Here is one reason you should opt to schedule the installation of a replacement windshield, even if any damage appears minor.

A chipped or cracked windshield is a safety hazard to anyone in the vehicle.

Nearly all windshields are made from two transparent pieces of auto glass that are glued to a vinyl resin that is in the center. This resin between the pieces helps keep the glass in place during a collision, and minimizes the possibility of flying glass shards upon impact. In minimizing the presence of splintered auto glass, you decrease the potential for serious injury if there is a car crash. If the vinyl resin has been chipped, the windshield will not withstand much more impact, and cannot protect your friends and family.

Glassmetics offers mobile and in-shop windshield replacement at five conveniently located Tampa Bay locations. We can be reached 24/7 at 844-854-5277, and we can typically get you scheduled for the installation of a replacement windshield within a matter of days.